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Original Document for the Founding of the Stuart-Hairston Camp

Stuart-Hairston Camp
Confederate Veterans of Henry County, Virginia
May 9, 1890
Be it known that I, Stafford G. Whittle, Judge of the Circuit Court of the County of Henry, Virginia upon application of the persons hereinafter named and pursuant to law, do hereby grant a charter for the incorporation of the Stuart-Hairston Camp of Confederate Veterans of Henry County, Virginia, W.W. Morris, J.G. Penn, P.R. Reamey, Geo E. Waller, Peter Hairston, Alexander Joyce Jr., and W.S. Redd and such others as are now or may be hereafter associated with them, their successors and assigns are hereby created and constituted a body politic and corporate by the name and designation of the Stuart-Hairston Camp of Confederate Veterans of Henry County, Virginia, whose object and purpose it shall be to collect and preserve the material for a truthful history of the late war between the Confederate States and the United States of America; to honor and protect the names and memory of our comrades who have fallen; to unite and promote a more extended social intercourse; cherish and strengthen the ties of fraternal friendship among those who survive; and to fulfill the duties of sacred charity toward those of our old comrades, who by wounds disability accident or misfortune, may or shall stand in need of the help that brethren should cheerfully render.
II. The minimum stock of said company shall be $50.00 and the maximum $500.00.
III. The said company shall have power to invest its capital stock or other funds in the purchase of the bonds of the United States or of this or any other state of the United States and the bonds of any municipal corporation or incorporated company; to lend on mortage or other security and to hold so much real estate, not to exceed $1000.00 in value as shall be necessary for the objects and purposes of said company and for the convenient transaction of its business, or which shall be mortgaged to it or conveyed in trust to satisfy previously contracted debts, or purchased at sales under decrees in its favor or by trustees under conveyances in trust for its security indemnity or advancement.
IV. The principal office at said company shall be located in the town of Martinsville, Virginia, and its chief business shall be transacted there.
V. The offices of this company who are to manage its affairs for the first year shall be, Commander Peter Hairston; Adjutant James S. Redd; our First Lieutenant Commander W.W. Morris; Second Lieutenant Commander Joseph G. Penn; Third Lieutenant Commander B.F. Powell; Quartermaster Charles B. Byrant; Chaplain Frank Stringfellow; Treasurer S.G. Sheffield; Surgeon Dr. G.E. Waller; Assistant Surgeon Dr. P.R. Reamey; Vidette, Thomas J. Jamerson; J.R. Armstrong; J.M. Smith; H.J. Wynn; G.T. Franklin and J.O. Coon in association with commander, adjutant, Paymaster, and Chairman of the Relief Committee, the Executive Committee.
VI.  The said company shall have all the general powers and be subject to all general resolutions provided by the Code of Virginia (1873) or that may have been heretofore or may hereafter enacted by the General Assembly in regard to said bodies politic and corporate and shall have generally all the powers necessary for the proper management and control of the said company, and may make such by-laws and regulations for its government as to them may seem judicious and proper and may from time to time alter amend and repeal the same, provided however they be not in conflict with the Constitution and laws of the state of Virginia and the United States and if any taxes should be required of said Camp by the State of Virginia then the same shall be paid in current money of the United States and not in coupons.
        And be it ordered that the above Charter be recorded by th Clerk of the Circuit Court of Henry County, Virginia in the book provided and kept by him for that purpose and be certified to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, to be in like manner recorded in his office.
        Given under my hand at Martinsville, Virginia in vacatim the 9th day of May 1890
        Teste: Benj T. Jones Clk.                                           S.G. Whittle
        in the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court for the County of Henry Virginia on the 26th day of May 1890. The foregoing Charter of Incorporation of the Stuart-Hairston Camp of Confederate Veterans of Henry County Virginia was received and recorded by me in a book kept for that purpose.
                                                                                                Teste: Benj T. Jones Clk.